Monday, June 27, 2011

Thelma and Louise - Devourers of Weeds

Thelma and Louise are turning into quite the little eaters.
If given a weed pile to munch they work hard at it and munch away until there is nothing left!
They were out the other day and their nanny left them with a tuft of grass.

They both worked at it.

They have very good grass eating form, I must maaaa.
I suspect that my genes have something to do with that!

Little Louise really concentrates as she eats.
But don't worry!
Thelma is no slacker.

She eats like a pro too!
It's hard to believe these does are only a little over two months old!
I am very proud of them.
The male person is very happy that they are eating all of the tall grass.
Then he doesn't have to mow!


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