Monday, June 20, 2011

That Luke!

The publicist has been letting the boys out to graze for a bit these days.
The grass has grown very tall because we have had so much rain.
Sometimes they are good boys and do their job of keeping the grass and weeds down and sometimes she has to round them up and get them back in their pen because they are being bad boys and trying to get in the doe pen.

On this particular day my studmuffin, Luke was being a good boy and doing his job.
He can be a very good lawn mower when he sets his mind to it.

He does make eating grass look good, doesn't he?

He likes to climb the little hill behind the male person's truck.
I think he thinks he is King of the Farm up there.

Silly Luke!
But he does enjoy eating.
What goat doesn't?

There is just something about tasty green grass.
Mmmmm, I wish I were out there now with him.
To help him eat the grass, of course!


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