Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kids at Play

If you can believe it we have had a WHOLE WEEK of sunshine!
We have been the happiest goats in the state of Montana!
We have spent so much time grazing on the hill down to the river that I think we have been out of our pen more than in our pen.

Aaaaah, beautiful weather.
We love it.

It has also given the kids time to explore and play together which is good.
Sometimes their nannies are a bit too overprotective.

Buster Brown and Louise had a bit of a head butting contest.

I am not sure who won but it was very cute to watch.
They are just practicing for when they are big goats.

Just when they were really having fun, in steps nanny. 

What a party pooper!
She maaaaed at them to break it up.
But then Thelma joined the fun!

But Sarah was most insistent.
Silly Sarah - they were just playing!

The little ones went their separate ways.

But kids will be kids, right?

There is no keeping them from having fun if they want to have fun!


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