Friday, June 17, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa Continues to Hunt (Not for the Squeamish)

Sherpa is proving to be a mighty hunter.

Last week it was wabbit.
This week he caught a MOUSE!

The male person was very happy about this because the barn is full of mice.

Sherpa brought the mouse to the publicist to show it to her.
Poor mousie.
But mousies around here can cause hantavirus and that is not good.
So the mousies have to go.
She would just rather not watch their going.

Being the mighty hunter that he is, Sherpa stalked his prey.

Then being the cat that he is he played with it.

Then he decided he did not want to share his mousie with the publicist and he took it away.

She was happy about this.
One mousie down, 4,659 mousies to go.


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