Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buster Brown: Learning New Things or CopyGoat?

Buster Brown is still a young buck.
He has lots and lots to learn.
He was over by the wood pile and he started to butt the branches.

Abbygoat took offense.
She started maaaaaing far and wide that Buster Brown was a COPYGOAT!
Just because he was butting the wood as she had done.

(If you want MY opinion he looks a whole lot cuter than Abby when he butts the wood.)
The rest of us told her to chill.
That Buster Brown was just learning a new goat skill.

She should be proud that he watched her for her technique.
Just look at the little guy.

He is really trying to move that big branch!
Silly Buster Brown - you are still a kid!

Abby was not maaaallified.
All she had to say was, "Pffffft!"

Buster Brown went right on butting the wood pile.

He did not care.
He had wood to butt.

And munch.

Mmmmm, wood.


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