Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AbbyDay - I Inspect the Yurt

Since I am the most important goat on this Farm I took it upon maaaself to inspect the publicist's yurt. I would not want her to live in a substandard building.
Aren't I a good goat?

I went into the basement.

I moved carefully since I wanted to do a very thorough inspection.
I didn't want to miss anything.

It is surprising how much there is to see!
So I made sure to sniff all I could.
I would not want tell the publicist it was safe if it was not!

What was that?!
I heard something!

Around that corner...
I won't be scared.

Is that some kind of VERMIN?
In the publicist's BASEMENT?
I had better run out and tell her!

Not because I am scared.

Oh, it's just Pumpkin the Farm cat!
Well, uhm. I hear my kids calling.
That's it!

I don't want to leave my kids unattended for too long.
I am a good nanny.

I am not afraid of a Farm cat!
Not me!


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