Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Twins Go Visiting

Now that the weather is getting nice we have been getting to go out and graze.
I am most in favor of this.
The new grass that is growing is very tender and tasty.

The twins are still drinking milk from their nanny but they are also eating hay and grass.
But when they "graze" they are more interested in playing than eating.

The other day they decided to visit the bucks.
They wandered over to the pen to maaa "Hi" to their daddy.

He gave them a sniff hello and then went back to his eating.
Bucks don't really care much about their offspring.

Then Louise went down to maaaa at Brewster.

He more wanted to be on the outside than he cared about Louise.
Oh well.
At this point the girls went back to their romping. 
They sure do like to run around.

I guess I am just too old to remember what it is like to be a kid.
Then Louise decided to join me while I grazed.

I was very happy about this.
She is my grandkid after all.


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