Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today I am a ReviewGoat AND a #Giveaway Goat: NOVICA Review and $75 GC Giveaway

The publicist says I have been lazy all winter.
She says it's about time I did some work around the Farm.
So Wordless Wednesday is being postponed this week so I can work.
The things a Famous SpokesGoat has to do.....

...hey, this might not be so bad after all!
Is that APPLES?!
OK! This goat is ready to review!

But first I want to tell you all about the wonderful company, NOVICA.
NOVICA works with National Geographic - a very tasty magazine if I do maaa so maaaself - to bring you lots really great things to buy! They find artisans all around the world and they put all of the great and unique gifts on ONE WEBSITE to make it easy for you to shop. You can find everything you might want from sterling silver jewelry to home decor and clothing. I did not find grain and apples but I did find a few sections that I found maaaavelous -  like earrings and necklaces. I look good in pearls if you will recall. I think I would look really great in this necklace. It is made by an artisan in Thailand.

Do you think Luke the goat would want to dance the rhumba if he saw me wearing it?
The publicist says I need to stay on topic.

Of course the publicist got to spend MY gift card and she did not get me any pearls. Stupid publicist! But she did get a delicious gorgeous hand woven rush basket from Peru. It's called "Nature's Colors." I have never been to Peru but I have heard there are lots of mountains there. Goats like mountains!

The publicist LOVES her basket. When it arrived it was wrapped up just like a present! With a bow and a tiny little doll on the bow as a decoration. She is going to make a Christmas ornament out of the doll. She felt very special opening her basket - she told me so. Now me, I would have eaten the bow 'cause it looked so tasty. This is why the publicist does not let me near the mail.

She brought it out for me to review along with her other choice, ceramic condiment bowls from Bali. These are called "Lithe Gecko." Now we are maaaaing!
THIS is how a Famous SpokesGoat should get her apples served to her.

The condiment bowls held grain and minerals for dipping!

Nom, nom, nom!

I will tell you that I am all in favor of this basket and these bowls as long as they are used for feeding me.

I loves me some apples dipped in minerals.

The publicist said not to get used to it.
She said that she loves her basket. She said it's very well made and she will use it in HER kitchen. She said the condiment bowls are to hold her two different kinds of salt. She said that I was only going to get this kind of treatment today.


Well! At least I get to make one of my readers very happy!
It's true!
One of you will get to win a $75.00 gift card to NOVICA so you can go shopping for whatever you like. 

How do you win? It's easy!
But first some rules:

Open wherever NOVICA ships so check and see!
No PO Boxes
18 yrs old+


Go to NOVICA and tell me what you might buy if you won. Be specific! Be sure to leave me your email address so I can maaaa at you if you win.


1. Like NOVICA on Facebook and tell them Pricilla sent you
3. Follow @BrokenTeepee on Twitter and tweet the following (once per day)
#win $75 GC to @NOVICA from @BrokenTeepee @ #giveaway
4. Share the giveaway using the share buttons at the end of the post (except StumbleUpon)
5. Like Broken Teepee on Facebook - my posts go here too!

All entries need to be in by 9PM MDT on May 25th when I will go to to choose the winner. He/she will have 48hrs. to respond or I will choose new winner.

Disclosure:  I did all of this hard work yet the publicist gets the basket and condiment bowls from NOVICA. Any opinions are the publicist's interpretation of my maaaas. She knows me pretty well by now and knows what I am thinking. And what I am thinking is that I should get more than some apples for all of this work. Harumph! The publicist is very happy with her product for her work.


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