Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Set Thelma and Louise on Nora the Goat!

Nora the goat thought she could take MY favorite basking spot and have nothing happen!
I will teach her!
I sent my grandkids to "play" with her.

She thought she was going to sit quietly in the sun.

Nora looks a little frustrated, doesn't she?

Thelma and Louise are active little kids and they like to run and play.
So I told them to run around the goat house.

And to say "Maaaa!" to Nora the goat.
Nora was NOT amused.

But that did not stop the kids!
Oh no!

They still wanted to play.
But then Nora stood up!

Time for the big goat!

Abby had a little, erm chat with Nora the goat.

Nora found a new place to bask.

Far, far away from little kids.
And Abby the goat.


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