Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Am Going to Go Shopping!

I think that I am in the mood to shop. I know the publicist is very good to me but sometimes a goat just wants to shop for herself.

I will be honest with you - it is very hard for a goat to shop!
Can you believe it? Goats are not allowed in stores!

So I must do my my shopping online. It's a good thing there are places like JoeShopping.com where I browse - no I do not eat the fantastic Hot Deals - this is a different kind of browsing!
For that kind of browsing I go in my yard.

Silly readers!
I wondered if the kids would like some nice music to help them sleep at night.  Or maybe the way they hop around a drum set might be some fun too! What do you think. I found lots of fun and exciting Musicians Friend coupon codes so I could buy them a present and save some green. The more I save on presents the more I can spend on ME!

I, of course, want to get the best deal on my favorite treat - apples! But I could only find a book on how to raise apple trees. While this is not immediate it would get me there eventually. I do loves me some apples!

Nom, nom, nom!
I did find that it was very easy for me to move around the site and there were lots and lots of good bargains. I am going to show it to the publicist; I am sure she will like it too. There is a community to interact with other humans - I did not see any other goats. Hmmmm, that needs work I think. After all, goats ARE going to take over the world so we need to take over the forums too! Bwamaaaahamaaahamaaaha!

So this goat suggests you go and check it out and if you know any other goats get them to join. We like to run in a herd, you know.


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