Monday, May 16, 2011


Luke and Brewster are stilling having little battles now and then.
It's good that Luke has his baling twine hat because I think Brewster might end up stuck in Luke's horns if it wasn't there.

The battles are something to watch I'll tell you that!
When we does are out grazing the boys go into action; I think they are trying to impress us!

Luke the goat is a vision as he rears up on his hind legs!

Then Brewster charges in....

....they pound heads!

A little wrestling to see who is stronger.
Another charge!

Brewster can hold his own!
These boys are working up a thirst!

Time for a break.
But there are still does to show off for so back to the battle!

Whew! Even we girls are getting tired just watching them.

A few more hits and they finally settled down.
I for one was glad.
My head was hurting after seeing all those head butts!

Silly bucks!


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