Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who is Sulking?

The weather has been a little bit nicer than the usual rain, rain, rain so the publicist has been letting us all out to explore for a bit.
Well, not the boys.

The twins are truly enjoying all of this running around but somegoat has been a bit put out.

Just who is sulking but hiding herself away from everygoat?
I will not lie!

It is me!
It happens every time there are kids.
I, the Famous SpokesGoat am forgotten.
I have to write about kids, kids, kids!

Blamaaaah, Blamaaah, Blamaaaah!
I know they are cute and they are my grandkids but sometimes a goat needs to sulk.
So there.
Now you know I am a diva goat just like Abby.

The publicist came and pet me and gave me some grain so I came out of hiding.

She always knows when I need some loving.
She is a good publicist.
I will not sulk any longer.
I am a good grandnanny.


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