Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to the Twins!

Yesterday was an exciting day on the Farm - Abby had her kids!
Two girls!
The male person almost fell over he was so surprised.

They arrived a little before noon. The first little doe is mostly white with black splotches

and the second kid is mostly black with white splotches.

The publicist hasn't quite decided what to call them yet but they are very cute, aren't they?

She suggested Scarlet and Melanie but the male person just looked at her.
Abby is a very good nanny and is taking excellent care of the new kids on the Farm.
They are enjoying her rich milk.

They are wearing their goat goats from Texan at night because it is still a little chilly but they won't need them during the day.

It is nice to have kids on the Farm again. They are so much fun. 

I know you will all look forward to getting to know them (Lucy and Ethel?)
If it is nice tomorrow they will get to go out for a little bit but they will be staying in the barn for the next few days.

I can't wait to give them a sniff and a lick myself (Mary and Elizabeth?)
So be sure to keep checking back the little goats will be taking over for a bit and names will soon be announced.(Thelma and Louise?)

Abby thanks everyone for their very nice notes yesterday. She will be back to blogging AbbyDay in a couple of weeks.


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