Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Twins' First Graze

The publicist and Abby let the twins out for their very first graze.
The weekend was warm and sunny ON BOTH DAYS.
It was so very nice for all of us and it was nice to get out of the goat pen and eat some yummy green grass.

Mmmm, green grass.
Oh, excuse me.

For the twins it was all about exploring and trying some new nibbles.
Abby led them out the gate.

Nora and I watched...

...they are just soooo cute.
They didn't stray too far from the pen. It's a BIG world out there and they stayed pretty close to what they knew.

Still, they did do a bit of sniffing and a bit of eating.
I am all for sniffing and eating!
There are lots of interesting smells to be smelled.

You humans have no idea what you are missing!
The grass DOES taste greener on the other side of the fence...

...I do not know why. It just DOES!
Hay even more so!
Little Louise is learning this quite quickly.

She found a tasty bit to munch!
Mmmm, doesn't it look good?

I wonder what she would do if I snitched it from her?
Is that....?

It is!
The Goat Stare of Death? ALREADY!?!
Oh my!
Very advanced skill for a baby goat.

I better stay clear.
I wouldn't steal food from a kid anyway...I was just joking.


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