Monday, April 4, 2011

This Is Just Not Right!

Before I launch into my goat rant I would like you all to stop and join with me and the other Happy Goats and maaaa:

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Matthew and Luke
Happy Birthday to you!

No not Matthew and Luke the goats! Matthew and Luke the publicist's nephews! It's their birthday today. I wonder if I will get cake? Apple cake would be good. Mmmmm. I hope the boys have a very happy day.

But on to my rant. 
THIS is what I woke up to yesterday...


The male person tells me to suck it up.
He tells me I live in Montana.
He tells me it could snow in July.

I tell him I want to move to Arizona.
He laughs in my face.
I should not have to see anymore snow.
I am tired of it.

If I could butt snow I would.
I would butt it to next winter where it belongs.
I mean, look at the garden....

...does it look anywhere near ready for planting?
No. It does not.
No tasty green things growing.
No corn!
No broccoli!
I was not happy and I let the publicist no it.

I mean really!

I went to my favorite basking spot and sulked extreme basked.

This is a special skill and only certain goats can do it.
Special goats like me.
And I ignored the publicist.


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