Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Next Top Goat Model

We have these two beautiful does strutting around the pen lately and I was wondering - who do you think would make the Next Top Goat Model, Thelma or Louise?

They both have their attributes and they both can vogue it on the goat walk. 
I wonder what Tyra Goatbanks would say to them?

Thelma is a bit older but only by three minutes so that shouldn't hurt her.
She is soft and fluffy.

She knows how to show her fur to its best advantage.
Oh, yes! She can pose.

Go, Thelma, go!

Show them how you strut!

But Louise is not slacker!
Oh no!
She is just as soft and fluffy and a tiny bit smaller than her big sister.

Will that be an advantage?
I don't know.
She can also give the camera a work out.

Her walking style is different than Louise's but just as engaging...

Not that either one of them walks all that often. They are usually hopping!
So, what do YOU think?
Who will be the Next Top Goat Model?
Thelma or Louise?

It's tough, isn't it?


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