Monday, April 11, 2011

Mmmm, Green Grass!

Oooh, Spring must be coming.
It must!
Why do I know this?
Because yesterday the publicist let Abbygoat and me into the GARDEN!
We had a job to do for the male person.

We were to nibble down THE GREEN, GREEN GRASS that was growing in there.

Tough work but somegoat has to do it!

It was so nice to taste green grass again!
I had forgotten how good it was.

Mmmm. Abby really enjoyed herself.
I am sure her kid(s) liked having some grass too.

What is this?!

Somecat escaped from the yurt. Bad Farm cat. Baaaaad Farm cat!
An interloper!
THAT should not be here.
Abbygoat went to check it out.

Sherpa the Farm cat made the right decision and ran far away.
Farm cats do not belong where goats roam.

Then we all did some synchronized goat yoga in the driveway before we went back in our pen.

All in all a perfectly lovely day.


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