Thursday, April 7, 2011

The First Graze of Spring

The sun actually came out for a little bit yesterday and the publicist let us out for a graze.
We hadn't been out for one in so long we forgot what to do!
But soon we found ourselves over by the big weed bush.

Abby and Nora used it to scratch their heads and rub their horns.

I used it to itch my head.
A good branch does wonders for an itchy head!

Then we had a bark eating fest.
Mmmmm, bark.
Sarah and I did some synchronized bark eating.

Do you see Pumpkin the Farm cat in the background? He was out enjoying the sun too.
Sarah really liked her piece of bark.

Nora was a big bark eater too.

She tried two different kinds.

Smart goat!
Even Abby chewed a bit of bark. 

Fiber is good for growing kids!

After all that activity we went back to our pen.
I was exhausted!

I lay down in the sun and took a nap.
Grazing is HARD work.


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