Friday, April 15, 2011

Farm Cat Friday

Since Abby is on maternity leave Fridays are now full of Farm cat fun. AbbyDay will return in a little while.

As I mentioned in my post on Sunday a certain orange Farm cat escaped!
The publicist worries when Sherpa gets loose.
She does not want an eagle or an owl to take him far, far away.

On this day Sherpa did not wander far. We all saw how he went to the garden to see what Abbygoat was doing.

He also did some grazing of his own!

This was AT THE SAME TIME we goats were grazing.
Do you think he was watching us and trying to be a goat?

He did eat a bit of grass (which the publicist found later that night in a hairball - YUCK!!!)
He also checked out the woodpile.

He might have even nibbled on it a bit.

IS he part goat?
You tell me.


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