Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter GOAT?!

Around these parts we did not have a visit from a hopping bunny.
Oh no!
We only have hopping goats.
Kids to be precise!
Two hopping kids. Do you suppose we have the Easter goats?

Even though Thelma and Louise are just a week old today they are hopping fiends!
It's true!
Here is the proof...

Louise goes for a big hop!
Little kids can FLY!


In for a landing.
It takes a while for the landings to get smooth.
But just look at that concentration!

Thelma is the real flyer...

Amazing, isn't she?
I guess it's because she is older by three whole minutes!
She even hops over her sister.

Silly Thelma!
Soon they will be hopping on their nanny.
Truth be told they are already trying, they are just too little to get all the way up on Abby's back. But I am sure they will succeed. 

Here come Thelma Hopping Goat
Zipping down the goat pen road
Hippity hoppity Easter's on its ear!

Heh, I am a funny goat!


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