Thursday, March 3, 2011

Outside! We Got to Go OUTSIDE!!!!

We were very excited today.
We got to go outside!
After two days in the barn we were ready for some outside.

We ALL did the goat dance of joy as we left to go to our pens.
The publicist didn't have her camera which was probably good since the driveway was very slippery and the goat dance of joy looked more like the goat dance of too many fermented apples.

We had a very nice time outside and then it got all ruined.
As Daisy the Curly Cat might say - our good times got ruint!
What did it?
Can you believe it?
Rain after three days of snow.
I am not a happy goat!

The boys enjoyed the little bit of daylight we had.
Little Brewster settled down in the hay.

Check out how his little beard is growing!

It took him a bit.
Luke was not letting him out of the deep snow at first.
He looked pretty funny; the snow was almost as deep as Brewster.
The male person made rude comments about frozen bits on Brewster but I will not repeat them here. This is a family blog.

When it was time to go in Brewster let loose some really (REALLY) loud maaaaas.

He has big lungs.
Luke the goat enjoyed his time out too.
He just spent the day enjoying the fresh air and eating hay.

When we went by on our way to the barn he gave us his best "hey baby" look.

I, for one, was not impressed.
I think it's the baling twine.
It ruins the effect.


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