Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Studmuffin has a Boo Boo!

I am very worried.
My studmuffin has a boo boo.
Can you see it?

Isn't he cute, if a bit messy?
Or do you just see his cute and smiling face?
Here, look more closely.

Do you see it now?
He has a chunk out of his horn!
Can you believe it?

That is not a crack next to the lost chunk. His horn grew that way.
The publicist does not know how it happened.
Luke is not telling her.
I think he is embarrassed.

It is a pretty big chunk.
I wonder if little Brewster did it and that is why Luke is not maaaaing.

Look at that! At least there was no blood!

The publicist does not know if she needs to do anything or not.
Can any of you out there offer her any advice?
Does my studmuffin need a cast like Millie?
I hope not.

Hi handsome!

He just got the ridiculous baling twine hat off and he is looking so FINE again I wouldn't want him to have to have a cast.

So if anyone out there knows if the publicist needs to do anything please let her know.
She would really appreciate it.
I would too.


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