Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mmmmm, GRAIN!

I know I probably sound like a broken record but GRAIN is an important part of our day.
It just tastes so good.
I told you all on Tuesday how Nora and I get to go down to the pen first.
When we go down we get a bit of yummy grain for being good goats.

Nora gets her grain in the hay feeder but she has some uninvited guests.

Those rotten chickens!
They keep trying to steal her grain.

It is not fair!
They have their own type of grain in their chicken house.
They should leave our grain alone.

But Nora uses her horns to her advantage!

Shooo chickens. Shooo!
Finally, some peace.

She can now enjoy her treat without any interruptions.

I will not confirm or deny the identity of the goat in that photo.
Ah hem.

Sarah and Abby come down a bit later after Sarah has been milked.
The publicist gives them their grain in the barn but she does bring a little extra in her pocket. I suspect it's because she cannot resist faces like this...

Could you?
Sarah gobbles the grain from the publicist's hand

She loves this little extra treat.
I know I would!

If I were Sarah I would get out of the way!

Claire asked about my studmuffin's baling twine hat. The publicist had taken it off because Luke had rubbed it almost completely off. She thought he would be a good boy.

She was wrong. 
So now here is what he looks like now....

Silly Luke.
Safe Brewster.


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