Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Nice to Get Out of the Barn in the Morning

I do admit that I am a lucky goat.
I have a nice warm barn to go to at night.
I don't have to worry about some animal coming and eating me.
I have a place to sleep that is safe and out of the wind and the weather.

I also admit that it is very nice to come out of the barn in the morning.
It is fun to run and kick up my hooves and do the goat dance of joy.

Nora and I are the first goats out in the morning.
This is good because it gives us some time away from mean Abby and Sarah.
(They like to butt us!)

When we come out we love to rub our fur along the buck pen.

This is a great way to help get rid of our winter underfur.
Since it is starting to warm up it's Shaggy Time.

It just feels so good!
Almost like a goat massage.
The male person says this is part of what makes us so hard on fencing.

Then we trot on down to the doe pen where a yummy treat is waiting for us.

What do YOU think it is?
It's one of my favorite treats!


Ooooh, we all enjoy grain.
On Thursday you will see just how much!
And what animal tries to steal our grain!


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