Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!

It was a wonderful vacation!
I basked in the little sun we had.
I slept
I ate some grain.
I had a pedicure.
I had my fur groomed.
Aaaaaaah, I am one Happy Goat.

But it is time for me to get back to work. I would like to thank Sherpa and the Farm cats for doing such a great job with the Catstacular Event. I think everyone enjoyed it.  The giveaways will stay posted off to the left until they are over so keep on entering!

I have one big announcement to make.
No, I am not going to have a kid!
I told you, I AM RETIRED.

Marion the goat has left the Farm.
We will all miss her little face.

We were just too many goats in too little barn and with Abby, Sarah and Nora pregnant something had to give.
Sadly that something was Marion.
I will have a retrospective post for her later in the week.

Other than that we are all happy to see you and want to maaaa hello after our two week break.
Nora maaaas that she is glaaaad to be the smallest doe on the Farm now. 

It makes her feel special.

Abby maaaas that she can't wait to have her kid(s)

Somegoat is looking mighty fat!
She is due in the next couple of weeks.

Sarah maaas that she is feeling good and starting to show.

She is due in May.

Brewster just MAAAAAAAAS!


And my studmuffin.....

He is as cute as ever.

I hope you are as glad to have us back are we are to be back. Soon there will the tales of hopping kids that we all love. Even if they are only my grandkids I am so happy to have them on the Farm.

The publicist says Spring can't be too far away - she saw a bluebird sitting on one of our fence posts. She says that is a sure sign that warmer weather is coming.

So let's all Maaaaaa for Spring.

I can't wait to do the Goat Dance of Joy in the warm Spring air.
How about you?


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