Monday, March 7, 2011

I Get to Review a PLANE!!!!

I haven't been a ReviewGoat in a while so when the publicist told me I had to go to work again I gave her a face.

But then she told me I was going to review a PLANE!
A plane!
You know I am really ready to pack my bags and blow this pop stand so what better way than with a review of a PLANE?

I was so excited.
Would it be a 747?
Or, since I AM a Famous SpokesGoat maybe, just maybe it would be a PRIVATE PLANE!
A little Lear Jet.
Oh, I couldn't wait!

Where would I go on my review?
I had so many kind invitations; California, South Carolina, Florida.
Oh, it was going to be hard to pick.

So the publicist asked me if I was ready and I maaaaed, "YES!!!!"
She said good, here you go...

What in the goat barn is that!?

"It's a plane" she said. The male person uses it around the yurt. For trim and stuff.
I could not believe my goat eyes!
Where was my 747?
Where was my little Lear Jet?

I tried tasting it to see if it tasted like grain.

BLECH! It does NOT taste like grain!

Abby thought it was pretty lame too.

The publicist said to get a grip. 
Did I really think she could buy a Lear Jet on
They sell lots and lots of great things but Lear Jets - not so much.

I let the publicist know just how disappointed I was...

She did give me some extra grain.
I guess it was worth it.
She did say that the male person is very happy with his Stanley Block Plane. She is also happy because it means that someday the yurt might actually be finished. With trim and all.

I might just come in there and butt that trim to express my, erm frustration.

Disclosure:  The MALE PERSON received this plane from with a gift certificate for my hard work doing a review. I got bupkis. Well, maybe some grain. The opinions of the male person are his opinions and he can keep them were not impacted by his receiving the free plane from my hard work. I still think CSN should carry grain and apples and that is MY opinion.


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