Thursday, March 24, 2011

Catstacular Event - Sherpa Explains His Shipping Assistant Job

I'll bet none of you knew just how hard I work at being the publicist's shipping assistant.
It's very hard work! 
I have to inspect all the boxes.

Harry sometimes helps but he is not as good at it as I am.

Maybe I will ship Harry somewhere.....Hmmmm
Then I have to inspect the invoices to make sure they are A-OK

Then my extra special Shipping Assistant Stamp from PJ Greetings goes on.

That's 'cause I'm an extra special Shipping Assistant!
This is the most important step of all because then MY face goes on every order.
PJ Greetings made the pet stamp from a photo the publicist sent in. It's self inking and made from soy ink so it's eco-friendly! You can read the publicist's review on her blog today. 

The nice people from PJ's are giving away a pet stamp

You can enter to win on the publicist's blog. 

You can also get a 20% discount if you order one by using the code TOMOSON
Discounts are great - especially on cat treats. 
I eat a lot of cat treats.

She sent in this picture of me

and this is what the stamp looks like

It came out great, didn't it?

I like it! 
I'm a stamp star!
After I double check the invoice and the publicist gets the boxes all sealed up I then make sure they are ready to mail.

This is very hard work!
Look how high I had to climb!

Now you can all rest assured that your soap order is well packed and double inspected by
Shipping Assistant Sherpa!

Time for a nap.
Enjoy the guest post from the cats from The Beaded Tail! More pretty lady cats for me to stare at....

Disclosure:  The publicist received the free Pet Stamp from PJ Greetings to help me with my job as Shipping Assistant. Any opinions are our honest opinions and were not impacted by her receipt of the free product. She received no money for this post but I got some treats. I like treats.


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