Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catstacular Event - Review: Scratchkabin by katcabin

Boy are we lucky Farm cats or what?
We have gotten to try lots of great things during the Catstacular Event.
We've gotten to meet other cats through their guest posts.
(All those pretty girlcats!!!!)

Today we have a review for you. Harry, Pumpkin and I worked very hard on this. Stinky shied away - the publicist thinks it's because she is an old cat. I don't care it meant more fun time for me. Me-OW!

The publicist even took some video of us but the camera ate it. I am very disappointed I wanted to be a movie star! The publicist said some things that I cannot post on this blog.
It's a family blog....

Anyway a great big box came to the yurt. We cats love big boxes. 
But what was in this big box was even better than the box!
I know!
It was something the publicist called a Skratchkabin

but I called it F.U.N.
I especially liked the little mousie.
I play with the mousie every night. EVERY night.
The publicist and the male person yell at me EVERY NIGHT
because i am making so much noise with the little mousie.
Sometimes I leave it in a special place for the publicist to find.

She is not always amused by this.
I don't know why.

I love to sit inside the Skratchkabin and hide from the other cats.
It's peaceful and dark in there and the cushion is nice and soft.

I also like to scratch on it which the publicist like very much.
Pumpkin scratches on it a lot too which is good because Pumpkin was scratching on the new furniture and this made the humans VERY mad.

More words I can't repeat on the blog....

Pumpkin hides inside too. 

This sometimes leads to erm, discussions between us.
I won't tell you who wins....

Here mousie, mousie

Harry and I like to sit on top of the Scratchkabin and cuddle together.

Harry is my little pet.
Can cats have cats as pets?
I think so!

I will tell you that all three of us give the Skratchkabin 4 paws up! It is great to scratch and great to sit on. Plus the mousie is a fantastic toy.

The material on the kabin is fun for our claws to pull. The more will pull the more it pills and the more it pills the more we pull. This is good for the publicist's furniture. Pumpkin hasn't scratched at it since the Scratchkabin came into the yurt.

That makes the male person VERY happy.

The publicist again apologizes for the lack of video. She is now saying more bad words and threatening to throw her video camera into the river. I will see if I can stop her.

If you go over to her blog one of you can win your very own Skratchkabin! She is giving one away thanks to the very nice humans from the company. So go and check it out!

I hope you all enjoyed the Catstacular Event. I had fun being your Maitre de Chat. You will still see me and the other Farm cats on the blog now and then. Maybe Pricilla WILL let us have our own day....

Disclosure:  We cats were sent this Scratchkabin for free. We told the truth about how we feel about it. We didn't even get treats for playing with it! That is how much fun it is.


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