Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catstacular Event - Review of Mink Catnip Body Pillow from Kitty of Mine

Today we Farm Cats are going to show you the fun of a Mink Catnip Body Pillow from the great etsy shop Kitty of Mine. The very nice human who runs the shop takes old fur coats and turns them into cats toys. They are very soft and I like to take it and hide it around the yurt.
In fact every morning when the publicist wakes up she finds this toy in a new place. Sometimes she can't find it because I have hidden it from her.

When it first came in Harry was very, very afraid of it. It was quite funny. He would run away any time the publicist gave it to him to play with.

He would stay far, far away.
But now he loves the toy as much as I do. He doesn't always share.

He sometimes uses it as a pillow.

I don't blame him! It's very soft.
Pumpkin likes it too. If Pumpkin is guarding the toy i can't get near it. 

Pumpkin is a growly kind of cat when it comes to toys.
The toy almost disappears into his furs.

Yes, Pumpkin is a boy Tortie!

We all enjoy playing with this great toy. The secret is the special opening. It has hook and loop so the publicist can open it and put in the 'nip that came with the toy. Then she closes it up and ooooooh, does it smell good. She can then nip it up some more when needed.

I think the publicist should get more so we each have our very own!
She says I need to learn to share.

I want to thank Kitty of Mine for sending us this very nice toy.
Guess what?
If you go over to the publicist's blog you can WIN one of these toys for your kitty!

Disclosure:  All of us cats received this great toy to play with. We didn't have to pay any monies for it and we thank Kitty of Mine for that. We gave our honest opinions about the toy


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