Monday, March 21, 2011

Catstacular Event - Guest Post from Harley Cat from AB HOME Interiors

Today I bring you a very talented cat - he is a DESIGNER cat. Who knew? His name is Harley and he works with his mommeh at AB Home Interiors.  His mommeh was very helpful to the publicist when she was working on the interior of the yurt.  Maybe I could get a job in design.  Hey - the publicist won't stop laughing - she says I would be better off getting a job in demolition. I wonder what she means by that?

As if you did not already know, I am Harley, the AB HOME designer kit cat. 
It sometimes hurts to be this beautiful but few could relate, 
I know.

I am not officially registered as one of those fancy "exotic" cats,
however, I find that just a matter of personal opinion. I provide PLENTY in the 'bet you wish you knew me,'  CAT-egory. Not to mention that those high falutin' exotics are just a bunch of snooty, cross breeds that wouldn't last a minute on my side of the warehouse. Nope, not a minute. What I do around here is really, really hard work. I came from the hard knocks of the ghetto pound, and this is my empire.

My days consist of hard core fabric selection. Mom likes me to really get to know the clients, so I find that fabric napping prepares me for all this work I'm suppose to do, but rarely get around to....

After a really good fabric nap I like to have some coffee


Mom likes this really fancy stuff. I have a hard time making this spaceship work, but that don't make me stupid.

After a good cup a brew I tend to get real spastic and like to haul tail all over my 3500 square foot home. Yeh, you heard that right. 3500 square feet of my blue heaven; take that you fancy-schmancy high breeds! 


Uh-oh, moms not going to like this.....good thing no body saw me do it,
I wasn't here,
I had nothing to do with this......She'll never know it was me......

After I am finished eating this tag from Mom's art collection I will just hide under this blanket where she can't find me,


Once the coast is clear I'll muster up enough energy to go check on mom and make sure 
she's getting all our chores done. It looks like she has everything under control so I think it's high time for me to find something to do in the warehouse again. Lets see what can I get into now...( unassuming, cute as a button, never get into anything pose) I could never break anything, just look at me!

Wow what a day! Let me tell you, being a designer kit kat has a lot of responsibilities, and it is really, really hard work.  After a day like today, I am just spent. 

Phew!  Time to take another good hard nap with mom before it's time for dinner.

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Wow! Who knew it was such hard work being a designing cat? Maybe I will just stay a Farm cat - I think it is much easier. I would like to thank Harley for stopping by today to show us what life is like for a working cat.
For lots of great tips for bringing great design into your home be sure to check out Harley's mommeh's blog
AB Home Interiors.  

Over on the Publicist's blog today you can enter to win kitty cat Roundabouts cupcake sleeves. These are very clever. The publicist did one of her Baking for the Firemen posts with popcorn cupcake sleeves.  Check it out!


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