Friday, March 18, 2011

Catstacular Event - Guest Post from HARLEY - Brother of Daisy the Curly Cat

Today I would like to welcome HARLEY, brother of Daisy the Curly Cat with a wonderful guest post on how he came to be in his purrfect FOREVER HOME.  That's what all of us cats want - a warm place with loving mommehs and daddehs who give us lots of treats and eats!  Thank you Harley for sharing your story for the Catstacular Event!

Hey, look where I am! It’s me, HARLEY!  Pricilla invited me to post for the Catstacular Event here.  I am all FOR big events, so I am going to tell you something ABOUT me.  Did you know I was actually BORNED in a SHELTER?  Well, I got a REAL forever home a LONG time ago, so I want to tell you now why a FOREVER home is better than a SHELTER home!

At the SHELTER there were not too many good TOYS.  And I had to SHARE the toys with MANY cats.  When I got a GOOD toy at the SHELTER, I would carry it around in my MOUTH at the shelter for HOURS.  And even though I am a GOOD boy, if another cat came too close to my toy, I would GROWL!!! Toys at the shelter are PRECIOUS.

My FOREVER home is better because I have MANY, MANY toys.  And I only have to share with DAISY.  Sometimes.  And I FORGOT how to growl now.

At the SHELTER I had to SHARE a bed with OTHER cats.  My bed was usually a LITTER box with a towel inside.  Can you tell which cat is ME in this photo? Hint: I am the BIG cat!

At my FOREVER home, I have FIVE beds to choose from.  And at NIGHT, I sleep in the bed for big PEOPLE! 

These are just a COUPLE of reasons why I hope EVERY cat will get to have a FOREVER home of their own.  And these are ALSO reasons why your OWN local shelter would APPRECIATE any donations. 

Wasn't that a WONDERFUL story? All of us Farm Cats thank Harley for sharing it.  I know I was very, very happy when the male person came and took me out of the shelter. I am much happier living on the Farm even if I do have Harry the Farm kitten bothering me.

Be sure to check out Daisy the Curly Cat's blog where you can keep up with Harley's life in his FOREVER home and see Daisy in action. They have pets you know! Gerbils! I think I would like gerbils; I have heard they taste very good.

Now go over and check out the Publicist's blog and see what we Farm Cats are doing for shelter cats. We learned about this idea from reading Daisy's blog! It's our SPECIAL GIFT for the Catstacular event! Shelter cats need homes but until they get them they need lots of love and lots of monies.


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