Thursday, March 24, 2011

Catstacular Event - Guest Post from Angel and Isabella from The Beaded Tail

I must keep my mind on my job today. It's going to be hard with these two ideals of feline purrfection sharing the blog with me today. I am very honored to bring you a guest post from the very lovely Angel and Isabella from The Beaded Tail. Their mommeh makes very beautiful jewelry which you can buy in her store also called The Beaded Tail. She uses the monies to help animals.

My name is Angel and my sisfur Isabella and I are so excited to be able to participate in the Farm Cats Catstacular event!  

Before I was in the shelter where I found my mommy and daddy, I was borned a Farm Cat too.  I was too little to remember anything about my time there but I often wonder what kind of different critters I'd see while on a farm.  Of course the Farm Cats at the Happy Goats Farm gets to see lots of pretty goats, handsome bucks and adorable kids, lots of chickens, hawks, eagles and even horses.   My sisfur Isabella and I are Suburban Cats so the critters we get to see here include big black birdies...

We often see neighbor cats and the occasional deer...

It's really fun when an opossum ventures out from under our deck to where we can see it...

Even though we do have some fun critters to watch, we envy the Farm Cats who get to watch all the Happy Goats but at least we do get to have a little piece of the Happy Goats Farm in our house too!

No matter if we live in the suburbs or on a farm, we know what's important is being happy, have lots of love and enjoying every minute of every day! 

Have a Catstacular Day!

Wow! Angel and Isabella live an exciting life! We have deer visit now and then but I have NEVER seen an opossum! That must have been something else and aren't the babies delicious adorable? Angel and Isabella often give VERY sage advice on their blog and they live with a DOG. She is very pretty (for a dog) and her name is Sadie. Be sure to check out The Beaded Tail so you can keep up with what is going on in their lives.

I am very glad they came by to post today.

Be sure to go over to the Publicist's blog where you will see me in action as the publicist's Shipping Assistant and my new personalized stamp from PJ Greetings.


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