Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Exactly WHAT Will Take Luke and Brewster's Minds off of Fighting?

As you saw yesterday Luke and Brewster like to play at fighting.
I guess bucks will be bucks.
Of course they are doing it to impress us does.

As if!

Well, maybe it does work....a little.

Now there is one thing that will stop them dead in the middle of one of their battles.
What could it be?
They will be butting heads just like this

Then, all of a sudden all attention focuses elsewhere

Luke seems to say to Brewster, "Hey, check it out buddy!"

What does this?
Maybe I should say, what doe does this?
Well, any doe will do this but on this day it was


She was coming down from the barn after being milked.
Brewster gave her his best, "hey baby"

Luke gave her his best flemming

But Abby didn't care and so the boys went back to what is then next important after does.



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