Sunday, February 6, 2011

Freedom! Freedom! At Least for a Little While

The other day the publicist was in the pen bringing us minerals and while all the other goats were trying to trample her to get to them I ran out!

It's true!
She didn't even realize I was gone.
Well, that's not true.
She saw me in the male person's garden.

I was munching on the old plants.

Mmmmm, dried plant.
She told me I had to go back to the doe pen.

I maaaaed NO WAY!
I was free
and I was going to stay that way.

I made a run for it.
I was going to explore!
I went over to the chicken house. It's a good place to find some GRAIN!

Hey rooster! Where's the grain?

I know you have it here somewhere.
But the publicist caught up to me and was trying to herd me back to the pen.

NO! NO! I will not GO!

There is more exploring to do.
I fooled her into thinking I was a good goat but trotting back towards the pen but...

I went to explore the bits of wood and bark left over from when the male person chopped the wood.

Mmmmm, bark.

I guess I just wanted some snacks.
But by now the publicist caught me around the collar and I was done.
I ended up back in the pen.

Eating minerals like the rest of the does.
Not so bad, I guess.
But my run for freedom was sure fun while it lasted....


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