Friday, February 18, 2011

AbbyDay - Important Soap News! From ME! Not Pricilla. Nyah Nyah

It's AbbyDay!
My favorite day of the week.
If you ask me EVERY day should be AbbyDay.
Don't you think?

I have very exciting news to announce.
It's about two new soaps for the shop.
They will be available in about a month - the publicist JUST made them.
I am telling you, NOT Pricilla. Isn't that cool?
Pfffft to Pricilla. That's what I maaaaa.

Although I suppose I should be nice. 
I am making this announcement because Pricilla has a big boo-boo on her head.
She got into a fight with Sarah the goat.
She now has iodine head.

But that is not important.
I am important.
The soap news is important.
So here is the exciting news!

The publicist has made a new size bar of soap. It is a plain bar but it weighs 6 ounces!

Doesn't it look HUGE?
It is 2 ounces heavier than the current plain bar.

She has had many requests for a bigger bar of soap so now she is making them.

They have to cure so it will be a while before they are available in the shop.

What scent would you like to see them in?

Any one who answers will be entered into a drawing for one of the very first bars in Tangerine Dream. I won't be able to send it out for a month but I will announce the winner on 3/3 so think about it and put your answer(s) here. You can enter with three different scent choices. Be sure to leave an email address so I can write you if you win! No email - no win, only the Goat Stare of Death!

You don't want THAT, do you?

The second new kind of soap is also a plain bar but it has Apricot Seeds in it so it is exfoliating! It is not too harsh but will provide a bit of rough to help with dead skin cells.

She had an order for small bars for a wedding and will be making more 4 ounce bars as time goes on.

So, are you as excited as I am?
You can still buy all of my Pricilla's current rich soap in my her shop so go and check it out!

I am really excited that I got to tell you and not Pricilla.
I really am NOT excited that she has a big boo boo on her head.
It's not nice to be happy about things like that....right?


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