Friday, February 11, 2011

AbbyDay - I Get to Announce the Catstacular Event!

Why I get to waste my AbbyDay telling you about the Farm cats I will never know but here goes. I just want you to know that I did not agree to this - it was all Pricilla. Pfffft!

Starting March 14th and running for two weeks the Farm cats will be taking over this blog.
They are going to be holding a Catstacular Event Celebrating Cats.

(and not goats which I think is all wrong)
Sherpa is searching everywhere

to find great things to show you. 
There will be giveaways on the publicists blog!

Harry is looking too!

He is inviting Famous Blogging Cats to come and write guest posts.
(why he is not inviting famous goats I do not know)

I do not think he will find them in the male person's jeans.
But he is looking anyway.
Stupid cats!

I guess I will enjoy a vacation. Pricilla seems happy about it. She says she needs some time to herself.

So mark it on your calendars and all of you cat lovers get ready for the Catstacular!


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