Monday, February 21, 2011

Abby is Getting Cranky

Well, Abby is always cranky but she is even crankier now that she is getting close to having her kid(s). I mean she is getting to be an erm, big goat.

heh heh
You didn't hear ME say that.
Otherwise she would butt me.

If you look closely at her horns you will see MY fur stuck on her horns.

Do you know how it got there?
Of course!
She butt me!
She butt me several times.

So my shaggy underfur that I am shedding is now stuck on her horns.

She looks so funny.
Ha ha ha to her.
That's what she gets for butting me!

Happy President's Day to all of you humans out there. I hope you enjoy your day off if you have one.


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