Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who's Playing? Brewster and Luke!

Now that Brewster the goat and Luke the goat have gotten used to spending their days together in the goat pen they have started to play.
It is good for little Brewster to have a big "brother" to teach him the ropes of how to be a buck.

Let's play!

That involves some goat games.
Bucks are pretty funny but I'll show you what they do.
It usually starts with a lot of head bowing.

Then they (at least at this point in time) lightly tough heads.

Just look at the horns on Luke!

Sometimes Luke shows Brewster how to do the goat stomp.

Bucks are very very impressive when they do this.
I could watch my Luke all day when he is showing off.
But you can see that Brewster is not afraid; he is giving Luke quite the look.

Then it is more head butting.

Right now Luke is being somewhat gentle with Brewster but I know that as Brewster gets bigger they will probably have some bigger battles. 

In watching them play we all learned how Brewster got stuck in Luke's horns.
It was during one of their head butting times.
Sometimes after they head butt they then rub against each other.

Brewster's head is a perfect fit under Luke's horns right now.

The publicist figures that as Brewster grows up this will no longer be a problem.
Silly bucks!

Tomorrow:  Kringle escapes!


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