Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sun! The Sun! We All Saw the Sun!

We were such Happy Goats yesterday!
Why you ask?
The SUN came out!
The sun! We have not seen the sun in WEEKS.

We did also wake up to new snow on the ground but I did not even mind because the SUN was out. It was beautiful. It was bright. It was yellow. It was THE SUN!!
Can you tell I was just a little bit excited?

I did my favorite thing to do in the sun.

I basked.

I basked ALL DAY LONG.

I basked in my favorite basking place.
I did not share it either.

I know that might sound mean but I am an old goat and I think the other goats knew I needed my time in the sun.
I even fell asleep.

I am embarrassed the publicist took this photo.
It's like when you humans drool in your sleep.

Please excuse me while I try and butt her.


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