Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nora the Goat Wants to Say Maaaaa!

Nora the goat maaaed at me that she has not had a chance to maaaa at you for a while.
She wanted to let you know that she is doing just fine.

She is the quiet goat on the Farm.
Sometimes I must admit I forget she is here.
That is not nice of me.

She usually just stands around not bothering anygoat.

She does look quite a bit like her nanny, Abby.
(I should not hold this against her.)

She is a little bad tempered to the publicist but she is getting better.

The day the sun came out she actually got pretty close to her.
Look at this photo....

She almost took a munch out of the camera!
But she did not.
She just wanted to give it a sniff.
Then she turned away...

and went back to the hay feeder.
She just wanted to maaaa hello to you.


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