Monday, January 31, 2011

Luke the Goat's Strange "Hat"

Yesterday you saw my Luke wearing a very strange hat.
I must admit it does nothing to enhance his studmuffinness.
In fact, I think he looks rather silly.

But I understand why the publicist put it there.
You see, there has been a LOT of this in the buck pen.


Oh don't feel sad for little Brewster.
He instigates most of it.

It's true!
He will go right up to Luke and butt heads and keep butting heads until Luke responds.

It is not all Luke's fault.
The problem lies in the size difference between the two boys.
While Brewster's head no longer gets stuck in Luke's horns his little leg will.

The publicist will suddenly hear Brewster SCREAMING and she will run out and find Luke throwing him around like a rag doll because his leg is stuck between Luke's horns. His leg gets stuck in the part right in the middle almost at the base of his head.

The publicist and male person think it happens when Brewster is doing the goat stomp and Luke brings his head up. They have never seen it happen so they are not completely sure.

They are going to split the buck pen but the male person cannot drive fence poles in the winter.
The publicist thought of tying the baling twine on Luke's horns in the meanwhile.

So far it is working.
In fact Luke has been much calmer since it is has been done.
We are not sure but we think he is embarrassed.

I would be, wouldn't you?


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