Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kringle Explores the Doe Pen

As I mentioned yesterday, little Kringle won't be with us much longer so I thought you might enjoy some photos of him exploring the doe pen.
I must admit I am going to miss the little guy; it's been fun to have a kid this time of year.

He is in that hopping stage so if he sees something of interest he must of course check it out from all well, levels.
He has lately taken notice of the water bucket holder.

He loves to jump on top of it.
I guess he feels bigger. That or it just smells good. I don't know which.

Sometimes though, he falls in!

With the snow on the ground he comes up with snow all over his little face.

How cute!
I think we will all miss his antics.
But we will have new kids in April so we will have to look forward to that.

Maybe I can watch Brewster over in the buck pen.


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