Monday, January 17, 2011

Kringle Escapes!

That little Kringle!
He has found the hole in the gate that the chickens use to go in and out.
So he went out!
Where did he go?

He went to visit his daddy of course.

I am not sure what they were maaaaaing about, but I am sure Luke gave him some important goat information that only bucks know.

You can see he was listening carefully!

Brewster said MAAAAA! too.

He had fun checking out the buck pen - from the outside; he is too little to go inside.

But then he heard his nanny calling him so he ran back to the doe pen.

But where is the hole?

I know it's here someplace!

Aaaah, back where he belongs eating Christmas Tree-t!

Silly Kringle!

All of us here on the Happy Goats Farm would like to wish you human a Happy Martin Luther King Day!


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