Monday, January 24, 2011

Herd News!

I have some news about the herd.
Mallory and little Kringle will be leaving us.
We are sad of course, but happy that they have found a good home.

They will be going to their new Farm on Thursday.
It was a little sooner than the publicist expected and she will miss watching little Kringle grow up.
He is still trying to hop on his nanny.

This is such a cute stage with kids.
He even tries to hop on his sister, Marion.

It always makes her smile.

She will miss Mallory, even if Mallory was a bully goat now and then.
But she is happy that Mallory's new publicist wanted to take Kringle too.

She will get to live with lots of other goats on a great big Farm.
There were just too many goats on our little Farm.
I will have a proper send off for Mallory and Kringle on Thursday.


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