Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Tree-t Part III

Today I bring you the cutest photos of our Christmas tree-t.
Kringle, of course!
This was his very first taste of tree and he really enjoyed himself.

Of course he wasn't quite sure at first what that big green thing was.

But he watched his nanny and me munch on the tree and he soon learned that it was a tasty goat snack.

Mallory, being an older goat dug right in.

Marion took her time but ended up enjoying it very much.

Little Kringle seemed to like the trunk of the tree the best.

He spent most of his time munching the bottom.

Well, fiber is fiber, right?
When he was done munching he then went and had a nice drink of milk.

It's so tough being a kid!

Many of you were so nice to ask about my studmuffin and little Brewster. They did not get a tree but the publicist did cut them some branches from a tree on the lot so they did have some pine to eat.  Thank you for thinking of them.

Tomorrow the tale of the Christmas Tree-t finishes up with AbbyDay!


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