Friday, January 28, 2011

AbbyDay - I Share Mallory's Story of Her Life Here at the Happy Goats Farm

It's AbbyDay and therefore it's the best day of the week.
Today I'm forced I'm delighted to tell you all about Mallory and her time here on the Farm.

She came to us in April of 2009 and we were glad to have a new goat on the Farm. In fact it was an AbbyDay when when she was introduced so I guess it's only fitting that it should be an AbbyDay when we say our final goodbyes.

She was a curious goat and sometimes, yes a bullygoat. But she did keep us on our hooves if not on our spools.

She brought very cute kids to the Farm including Matthew.

Marion - who is still here.

And of course little Kringle who went with her to the new Farm.

She and Kringle went off in the male person's truck to her new Farm and the male person said she looked very happy there. There is lots of land and other goats for her and Kringle to get to know.

Now there is more grain for me.


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