Friday, January 7, 2011

AbbyDay - Christmas Tree-t Finale

It's AbbyDay and it is only right that I, Abby Goat should tell the final chapter of the tale of the Christmas Tree-t.

I am the last goat out of the barn every morning.
I say this is because they say that they save the best for last.
The publicist says this is because she milks me last.


So on the day of the Christmas Tree-t I was very surprised when I got to the doe pen.
I love tree as much as the next goat.

Mmmm, tree.
All for ME!

I scared everyone else away and started to check it out from all angles.

I mean, really! They had been munching on it for a while already.
Why shouldn't it be all MINE?
I looked at it from the top.

I looked at it from the bottom.

Silly publicist!

I checked it out thoroughly.

It is a VERY tasty tree!
You can take the word of Abby Goat!

I also gave my horns a bit of a workout. This scraped the bark off of the trunk.

This let me nibble the bark and the tender tree inside.

I checked out my scraping to see how I did.
Brilliantly of course!

Little Kringle knew an expert tree eater when he saw one.

He was in awe.
That or he was passing goat gas.
One or the other.
I will go with awe.

I hope you enjoyed this week long tale of the Christmas Tree-t. We Happy Goats sure did!
Remember, the best way to recycle your tree is to feed it to a goat!


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