Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today I am a ReviewGoat: Waechsterbach Dinnerware from CSNStores.com

The publicist told me she had a surprise for me today.
She told me I was going to work but that I was not going to find it too much of a strain.

She was right!
I am a ReviewGoat today and I get to tell you all about Waechsterbach Dinnerware that she got from CSNStores.com.
(If you ask me that name sounds like when Abby has something caught in her throat.) 

These plates reminded me of when I was a young doe. 
When I still caught the eyes of the bucks.
When they took me out to fancy dinners.
Especially the last time I went to the Goat Ritz.

Aaaaah THOSE were the days.....

But I digress.
The publicist brought me over and I saw this!

I was amazed. I immediately apologized to the publicist for being erm, a bit difficult about working today.

What a meal, just like my memories. Oh how I wish....

I dug right into those apples and carrots.

Boy did they taste good.
And they looked so pretty on that beautiful Kiwi salad plate.

Next I tried the grain.

Mmmmm, grain

It would not be a gourmet goat meal without grain now, would it?
The Orange Peel cereal bowl showed off the grain to perfection.

The final course - Frasier fir!

I am a fir connoisseur.

Now THAT was a treat. I haven't had some good tree in a long, long time.

It just tastes so good and leaves me with piney fresh breath.
The Cherry dinner plate made those branches look soooooo appetizing.

Yum, yum!

I can tell you I was one Happy (and full) Goat.

I will also tell you that the publicist brought apples to all of the other goats on the Farm so we ALL got a nice treat today. I was the only one who got to eat on the very nice dinnerware though; the publicist doesn't really trust that the other goats wouldn't erm, stampede on her new dishes. 

I can tell you that it was very nice. I really liked the colors. They were very rich and shiny. There is also a Lemon Peel mug in the set but since I drink from a bucket I didn't get to try that.

You can see how the publicist used the dishes to set her table HERE.

The publicist told me that these new dishes came from CSNStores.com 
(They still do not carry grain. They need to work on this. I WANT GRAIN. I WANT GRAIN)  She said that they arrived very quickly and were very well packed. I am glad for her. She also tells me I will never see them again. So there go all my dreams of living like I am at the Goat Ritz. I will never be romanced again....so is the life of an old goat.

At least I got apples this time.

Disclosure:  The publicist received a gift card to buy HERSELF something from CSNStores.com. She then makes me work. Harumph! I like being a ReviewGoat because I get treats but I think she should buy something for ME. Any opinions you see are her interpretations of my maaaaas. She knows me well enough by now to know what I am maaaing about.


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