Thursday, December 2, 2010

The SpokesGoat Speaks

Today I am doing some SpokesGoating.
I haven't done this in a while so I might be a little rusty.
Since I am going to do my first and most important job I think I should bring out my headshot.

I'm trying out a mini headshot, what do you think?

Aaaah, there we go.

I wanted to let you know that my rich soap makes excellent gifts for this holiday season!
It's true!
Everyone needs soap!

I have soaps for cat lovers

Dog lovers

Goat lovers  
Everyone should be a goat lover!

If you go to my shop you will find lots of soaps in many shapes and scents - even Guinea Pigs.

If you have teachers to buy presents for you can 3 of my rich soaps for only $11!

If you use my coupon code ( It's Pricilla in case you forgot) you get 10% off so the 3 soaps are less than $10!

Isn't that wonderful?!  

I think if you are looking for a great gift at a good price you should shop in my store.

Now I am going to go eat some hay.
This Spokesgoating is hard work.


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