Monday, December 13, 2010

A Postponement

I know I promised you a video of Brewster in the buck pen with Luke.
I am sorry to say I have to disappoint you.
The weather did not cooperate.
It rained ALL DAY LONG!
We all had to stay in the barn so there was no Brewster in the buck pen. 
There were no does in the doe pen for that matter.
There were just a lot of unhappy goats in the barn.
But at least we were dry.

So since I don't have a video for you today I want to tell you about some of my blog friends that have some great things you can buy for Christmas this year. I know I will be missing some of my blog friends and I am sorry about that. I am an old goat and I forget things. So if I have forgotten you just remind me and I will write about you later this week.

First up is my blog friend Julia from Our Simple Life. You will remember that she has written a book called Bingo's Big Adventure. The publicist let me munch read this book and I thought it was very good.

You can buy it on or on Bingo's website. I still can't believe a famous author came to visit and pet me on the head.

Then there is my Florida friend, Daisy the Curly Cat. Daisy and Harley have lots of cool cat things for sale in their Curly Cat Designs Shop. You can find t-shirts, mugs, magnets and calendars with many different images. I really like this one...

The Scream with Cats button (click to purchase)

It makes me maaaa like crazy!
But I disagree with this one....

Grain is for Cows not Cats t-shirt (click to purchase)

Grain is for GOATS!

Our furriends over at The Beaded Tail help their mommy make jewelries.
The publicist thinks these kitty earrings look like Sherpa.

Dobby Earrings - click to purchase

They have lots of cute pieces for the animal lover in your life.

Then there is Sparkle the Designer Cat. Sparkle has written books! How amazing is that?
Maybe I should write a book, what do you think? This is Sparkle's latest book.

Click to purchase at

You can buy it at

Did you know I have a blog friend in Alaska? It's true! It's my Aunt Vicki and she makes jewelries too! Sparkly jewelries.

If I had money I would buy this for the publicist because she likes it very much. But goats don't have money. I wonder if Aunt Vicki would take grain? You should check out her etsy shop because she has lots of pretty jewelries in it and I am sure you have money and would find something pretty to buy.

Lastly there is our friend at Split Rock Ranch. There are llamas there. i used to live with a llama at my old Farm. I like llamas. So does the publicist. Brenda makes yarn from the llama fur (fur?) and also knits and crochets beautiful scarves and other items.
The publicist likes this. She said if I got anywhere near it I would just eat it.
Harumph! I have more class than that!

Bejeweled Ruffled Spiral Scarf - click to purchase

Aren't the colors beautiful?

I hope you liked seeing all of these great gift ideas from some of my blog friends. I am sorry if I did forget some of you but as I said, I am an old goat.


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